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Frédéric Parmentier fondateur MaZic, pionnier du conseil en nudge music management

Frédéric Parmentier,

20 years' experience in Retail Management

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A graduate of ESSCA with 20 years experience in retail business executive management, notably as Managing Director of Swiss subsidiaries of top international groups including LVMH, Etam, Beaumanoir, Vivarte


Operating close to my clients and teams, I have always promoted a favourable shopping experience through music. I have also made use of its behavioural impact to achieve better sales performances along  with improved employees motivation.

A passion

dedicated to the performance of your Enterprise

#Symmetry of Interest

Welcoming clients and nurturing employees  are fundamental to a successful business. This warm relationship is amplified by the appropriate soundtrack, to make work 'feel like home'


The motivation of teams is at the heart of performance. Music is a powerful emotional trigger to engage your workforce


As in sport, team building is a basic requirement of managerial performance which brings immense professional satisfaction from rich personal interaction.

Here again, music greatly facilitate the building of friendly working relationships around common values


 Performance is as intrinsic to the financial success of any business as it is to the artistic aesthetic of music.

Every achievement, whether managerial or cultural tends to transform and enrich us.

The use of music, among other means, has enabled me to realise my best revenue performance

Album Lebil "Machine humaine"


Musician and Producer

A music lover from an early age, I have gathered a collection of 400,000 tracks covering every musical style and format.

As a teenager, I learned to play music by ear.

I am the writer, composer and producer of the album 'Machine Humaine' , which I mixed and recorded in 2015 in my home studio, and mastered at the prestigious Abbey Road studio in London.

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