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Annonces bagages abandonnés SNCF

Video réalisée par Grégory Reyter, Why Vision


Managed Playlists


Sunshine at your Worspace!

Energise your Team and develop a friendly atmosphere

Enjoy a free Sample Playlist>


Si la musique adoucit les moeurs, ce n'est pas qu'une légende!

Offrez à vos collaborateurs un moment unique de bien être, remède musical au stress, un véritable baume au coeur pour apaiser les tensions

Profitez d'un Sample de Playlist Feelbetter >

Use cases

4 spaces of your company declined in managed sound universes


Context : cold and unattractive area

Objective : to welcome staff and customers, and to express the company's identity

Users : receptionist, staff and clients

Areas of concentration : promote a joyful, stimulating and friendly emotional experienc

Company Sound Design 

Selected Animu-Zic playlist : feel good

Calibrated sound volume

Choice of e-Jukebox access: open

Planned voice management

Innovative acoustics and hifi solutions

Break room

Objectif : Remobilize teams

Areas of concentration : promote a relaxing emotional experience

Company Sound Design 

Playlist  : feel better

Calibrated sound volume

Restricted e-Jukebox 

Innovative acoustics and hifi solutions

Meeting room

Objective : Brainstorming, creative work meeting

Areas of concentration : Mobilise creative cognitive faculties

Playlist : work free

Calibrated sound volume

e-Jukebox : closed

Innovative acoustics and hifi solutions

Open space

Context : difficult collaboration difficile. -70% interactions, 20 to 50% more emails, confidentiality concerns, use of headphones for concentration purposes 

Objective  : focus and find a collaborative link

Areas of concentration : write a musical modus vivandi 

Playlist : work focus

Calibrated sound volume

 e-Jukebox : restricted

Innovative hifi and acousitcs solutions

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